Choosing a Massage Chair Near Me

Whether you’re looking for an office massage near me or the best salon that offers chair massages, there are plenty of options in New York City. From a relaxing mani and pedi at $20 to a quick chair massage to relieve work-related stress, these local favorites are perfect for any budget.

A massage chair is a type of portable massage chair that allows clients to receive a massage without having to disrobe. The ergonomic design of these chairs allows therapists to provide on-site massage services in many settings, including business offices, employee appreciation events, trade shows and conferences.

When choosing a massage chair, it’s important to consider features and pointers to help you find the ideal model. These include:

Choose a chair that has built-in programs

When shopping for a massage chair, look for models that have preprogrammed features designed to deliver the ultimate experience. Ideally, you’ll find several programs that you can use to adjust the intensity and frequency of your massage.

Consider S- and L-track massagers

If you want a deeper, more targeted massage, look for models that feature S- and L-track massagers that are able to follow the natural curves of the spine. These massagers also tend to reach more areas of the body for overall stress relief.

You’ll also want to look for a chair that includes lumbar heat, which can further enhance the therapeutic benefits of your massage session. This can ease pain, increase blood flow and improve relaxation.

In-office corporate massages in NYC

Zeel’s top-rated, fully licensed massage therapists can make an office space feel like a retreat with in-office corporate massage events. Featuring massage chairs, relaxing music, freshly laundered towels and more, employees will feel rejuvenated after their appointment.

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In-office chair massages are the perfect way to reward your hardworking employees and thank them for their dedication. Our expert therapists are available to perform 12- to 20-minute sessions that focus on the neck, back and arms.

A good chair massage will relax your muscles and increase circulation, which can lower blood pressure and help you sleep better. Combined with regular exercise, a chair massage can help you maintain your healthy weight and stay fit.