CORE Festival Marketplace

festival marketplace

The Festival Marketplace is an authentic outdoor market where visitors can buy local produce, gourmet food and drinks. It also offers workshops, events and activities.

The event takes place every Sunday at the Jetty Foreshore and historic jetty in Coffs Harbour. Its philosophy is to provide a place where people can experience and share the best of Coffs Harbour, including the food, arts and culture of our region.

Hawkers Market is a great place to find some interesting up-and-coming food ideas and products. It is also a great venue for established vendors and caterers to showcase their food.

You can find a wide variety of different cuisines, from Ookinomiyaki and battered barramundi to unique dessert options. The market is fun, festive and well run.

Organizer’s rules for entrance to the Festival

The minimum age for admission to the Festival is eighteen (18). Entry will be denied to any person who does not meet this requirement, regardless of whether or not they are accompanied by a parent, guardian or other adult. In addition, the identity check mentioned below will be carried out.

Personalized admission tickets to the Festival will only be issued in case you provide the name, email address and nationality of the recipient (the ”Festival Visitor”) at the time of purchasing the ticket. Unless otherwise indicated by the Festival Organizer, this personalization must be completed within the period specified in the ticket confirmation email sent to you.

If you purchase a ticket for the CORE Festival, you will receive an Add-On to park in the official parking areas during the CORE Festival. The Add-Ons are not transferable, and they can only be used during the Add-On sale.

In order to use the Add-Ons, you must show your CORE Festival ticket or passport when you park in one of the parking areas. If you do not show your CORE Festival ticket or passport, you will be fined by the Organizer.

Ticket/Travel Partners are your contracting agents when you purchase a ticket for the CORE festival through a Ticket/Travel Partner, as defined below. The Ticket/Travel Partner is not the Festival Organizer and they are subject to their own terms and conditions of purchase, as applicable.

Your Agreement with the Ticket/Travel Partner is made when you accept their terms and conditions of purchase, and you agree to them as an additional term to your agreement with the Festival Organizer. In the event of any conflict or ambiguity between these Ticket/Travel Partner’s terms and conditions of purchase and your own terms and conditions of purchase, you agree to accept their terms and conditions of purchase as the better terms and conditions.

Manual refunds on cashless support are possible until June 20 2022, 11:59 pm CET. These refunds will be processed using the payment method that was chosen by you in the ’manual refund form’ at the time of your booking, and they are subject to possible delays beyond the control of the Festival Organizer.