What Are Kitchen Lighting Trends 2023?

what are kitchen lighting trends 2023

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Illuminating your home is one of the best ways to elevate its style and create a functional space. But what to choose? While recessed lights can work well over countertops and island bars, other lighting options are key to creating a well-lit kitchen. Using a mix of task and decorative styles will add character and balance to the space. Try sconces and chandeliers above cooking hot spots, pendants over the island, and ceiling lights for general illumination.

While a lot of the current trends are grounded in nature, you’ll also see a more confident use of color this year in your home’s lighting. This is a great way to make your lighting pop and add a hint of contrast to softer color palettes. A bright blue pendant or a green fixture will transform more neutral schemes with personality and style.

Another trend we’re seeing in our latest kitchen collections is the return of a vintage inspired style. This look is perfect for modern kitchens that want a clean and simple aesthetic. From rounded compact shapes to mid-century sputnik style lights, we’re seeing plenty of sculptural options that will add a retro touch to your kitchen.

We’re also seeing a renewed interest in black as a kitchen lighting option. This stylish look is a fresh alternative to the traditional white fixtures that have dominated recent trends. Black fixtures come in a variety of finishes from glossy jet to matte black, making them a versatile choice for any style of kitchen.

Finally, the minimalist style that has exploded in fashion is extending to home decor. Lighting is no exception as brands offer a number of new pendants with beautiful pleated shades. This 2023 trend offers a subtle texture to walls while adding a sophisticated look to your kitchen.

Lighting that uses natural materials is still a popular design trend and will continue to be a big influence on kitchens in the future. This includes not only the obvious rattan and woven grasses but also wood, jute and anything else that offers both function and a rustic appeal. The jute-wrapped Jayna fixture from Crystorama is the ideal accent to a casual mudroom as it provides both function and style.

While many kitchens are moving towards a more neutral color scheme, it’s always fun to add a little pop of color through your lighting choices. This is a great way to make the room feel fresh and updated without having to redo the whole kitchen. Whether you’re using a colored sconce or a more vibrant statement piece, the right fixture can instantly elevate the look of any kitchen.